What was your experience like with Expressive Drumming?



"A very friendly group of people!"      - Sarah Lam

"I loved dancing and feeling free!"

         Andrea Leone



"Great fun! Rose's patience and sweet smile make it easy to relax and drum."

- Paige Smith

"Very welcoming group for a beginner. Good experience to quiet your mind."  

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"I enjoyed both singing and drumming. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to create spontaneous group sound and song."  

-  Jenne Micale

"Relaxing, trancing, healing."  

   -  Rob Wandell



"There was so much gentleness and deep heart going on! Everyone brought to the group openness and presence and what we shared we built upon. It was intense and nourishing."  

- Barbara Sanderson

"It was  'intensely relaxing' - Rose is a wonderful teacher, and a gentle guiding force.
I had a great time, and I will be back for more!"     
- Don Cashimere  




"One feels like all problems and stress fly away. I felt peace from within."  

- George Rumbe

"Thank you for showing us how to connect with each other,
without using words - each one unique and dancing to sacred heartbeat."  

 - Sue Davis


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"I feel good. I liked this tonight - simple and can't articulate it but I feel very happy. I usually can't sing but I could tonight. It was very comfortable to just tune in to something and express it, or let it be expressed." 




- Michelle Russo


"Trance inducing!"   - Laine Lubar


Strong like a mountain
Many parts like a stream
Flowing like a breeze
Grounded like the earth
Yielding like tall grass in the wind.

"Wonderful experience. I like the variety of instruments. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Words don't exactly capture the essence of your class. It was something to experience in order to fully understand. Thanks Rose!"   - Nuala Mabe 


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"Rose, what a great Joy! To be within this group and feel the energy and Presence of the drums and the calm-ness within after our gathering." 
- Susan Joy

"When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Côte d'Ivoire, one of my favorite things was to follow sounds of drumming late at night. Your program gave me the chance to be one of the drummers. A very satisfying experience! Your program was fantastic!" 

                                                           - Elizabeth Tucker

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"The session was appropriately structured to combine instruction with improvisation. The experience was new, different and extremely fun!"  
  - Vicki W.

"I really enjoy hearing each individual's voice (drum)."  - Patty Stump  



"I enjoyed building a rhythm together with everyone. Thanks!"

       - Rumiko Sode


"fun, wild, full of energy, and a wonderful experience."

- July 6, 2007, Bryon Ford

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"A good first time experience. Relaxed and educational with really great vibes."  - Bill

"Powerful, energizing and fun."

- Terrie Cashimere




"Brought music to my heart & mind." - Anthony

"Most excellent! I enjoyed the whole experience. Drumming, meditation, the smudge. Information and fun."

- David Tarcha 

"Rose - Thank you for your energy. I can see you are a truly loving Spirit. Blessed Be."

- Rebecca Henderson

"Beautiful voices accompanied the drumming. That made it different than past experiences. It was calming."

Rhythms of the Heart

Drums beat like the heart
with gentle rhythms we play
hearts beat together

    - Nelson Nieves


"Comfortable atmosphere to drum and freedom to chant"

- Adrian Lake


"A lot of fun!"   - Aaren

"I'm glad to finally be enjoying this communal experience of drumming with others." 

 May 18, 2007  - Beth Lynch




After School Program (6th-8th graders)

"Expressive Drumming and Chanting was interesting. I think I got to express my feelings while drumming and chanting. I also let go of some anger towards people."  - Heather Schmidt (age 11)

"I like Expressive Drumming and chanting because it's fun. I enjoyed dancing with the drumming." - Kaitlyn Howard (age 14)

"I liked the rhythm and watching everybody dance. Thank you!"  - Jamie Pittsley (age 12)

"Drumming is a chance to have fun. The drum is an interesting instrument."  - Jeff  Washington (age 11)

"The thing I liked about today was just drumming and having fun." - Dragon Nguyen (age 13)

"I really had fun. I enjoyed interacting with other people." - Maimoona Rahim (age 13)



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