Team Building workshop at Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Workshops or Special Events
Teambuilding programs can boost morale, and as a result, increase productivity. 
Various program ideas will be discussed before hand so that a workshop can be designed to best meet the needs of your group. Workshops and special events can take place at your location or mine. A beautiful collection of African drums and percussion will be provided. 

Consider the following options:  
         1) series of classes  
         2) series of classes followed by your group doing a performance  
         3) workshop
         4) performance by our group, "Rhythms." 

Feedback from participants of our Team Building workshop at Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"As a totally new experience, I found the Expressive Drumming workshop to be a lot of fun and relaxing. The mixture of beats and tones created rhythms that can only come from the heart."   - Anna Marchant

"Let the beat go on.  Fun - liked the variety of activities we did."   - Renee Misch  

"Playing the drums with Rose and co-workers was a great team effort and it turned out to be quite a band.  Encouraging leadership was great."   - Mort

"This teambuilding experience helped us remember the importance of each one's contribution to the team. It was great fun. The facilitation was a terrific exercise and correctly placed at the end when people were more relaxed."     - Paige Smith

"It was amazing. Such unique sounds all coming together, along with people coming together as one, but keeping their own style."    - Karen

"I had fun drumming. It allowed me to pound out any internal anger I had in to the drum. It was a cleansing experience."

"Thanks Rose!  Good therapy for our group. As you heard - we are going through some tough times."   - Anne D.

"It was a lot of fun. Scary at first but now I want a drum and a singing bowl.  Broadened us individually and as a group.  Trust your heart."

"The drumming workshop helped me feel the rhythm within.  I forgot about the instructions and began feeling the beat. It made me aware of all the energy within and around me."   - Pat

"I can't sing or dance, but I can drum! I haven't laughed this much at work in a long time.  Great memories."   - Jeanne Cirello 



        Workshop with Middle School students

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